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6 Social Media Marketing Tips For Lawyers

Jake Fisher Sep 20, 2018 5:51:46 PM

Social media is an excellent way to generate leads and connect more effectively with your customer base. It’s not just a platform that gets your name out there. It’s also an excellent way to learn more about your client base, improve your relationship with your clients, and enhance your reputation. If you want to make the most of your social media leads, make sure that these strategies are part of your social media arsenal.

If you’ve ever visited your Facebook page to find comments in your feed asking for legal advice or seen messages in your inbox with questions about potential clients’ situations, you know the sinking feeling that hits as you realize that you didn’t answer fast enough–and as a result, those potential clients are gone. These strategies will make it easier for you to connect with those clients, making sure that you don’t miss the critical moments.

#1. Consider an Autoresponder

When people send you a message, how long does it take you to respond? With all the other responsibilities you have on your plate, you might not be able to get back to them for a day or two–or perhaps even more. With an autoresponder, on the other hand, you can generate the answers to important queries automatically so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with a client. This can also prevent you, in many cases, from losing the client altogether!

#2. Make the most of Zapier!

When someone comments or sends a message on your social media pages, you want to know about it! Zapier can send you those important notifications so that you can take a quick look and determine whether or not it’s something that you need to go more in-depth with. 

Additionally, Zapier can help you automate repetitive tasks. Zapier can make different apps work together. For example, if you would like to setup up social media posts in an Excel spreadsheet and push those to Facebook, then Zapier can help.

This strategy is perfect for slow social media pages that don’t receive frequent notifications–especially if you frequently allow several days to pass between checking your social media accounts.

#3. Take Advantage of Facebook Messenger Tools

Facebook messenger tools like ManyChat provide automatic communications with your Facebook audience. From auto responders to common queries or other activities taken on your page to managing notifications and sending out messages to your entire audience.

ManyChat is a great platform that will make it easier for you to navigate social media. ManyChat is even an excellent platform for designing a “newsletter” that will allow you to send out a message to everyone who has ever sent a Facebook message to your page.

#4. Generate Consultation Requests An Easier Way

Many times, Facebook users don’t want to leave Facebook in order to take care of everything on their plates. When you use lead ads, you can generate those important consultation requests without ever taking them off-site–an important part of meeting your clients where they are and allowing them to communicate with you more effectively. 

#5. Schedule Your Posts

You don’t have to take time out of every day to keep up with your social media posts–and in fact, you shouldn’t. Instead, use tools like Buffer or HootSuite to schedule posts ahead of time.

That means that you can take care of most of your social media responsibilities for the month in a single session, keeping ahead of your marketing efforts and ensuring that you’re able to connect more effectively with your clients. 

Ideally, write 2 or 3 blogs at the beginning of the month, get them up on your website and share those blogs on social media over the next 3 weeks. Then repeat!

#6. Develop a Social Media Budget

Organic post reach on Facebook is next to nothing now, thanks to the latest round of algorithms determining what people actually see on Facebook. If you want your content to be seen–particularly if you want to generate new leads through your social media content–it’s important to create a social media budget that will allow you to create Facebook ads. These ads are one of your most effective tools for reaching prospective clients. 

Your Facebook page and other social media accounts are an important part of your marketing strategy. By using these tools and strategies, you’ll be able to make more out of your social media efforts, connecting more effectively with your clients and increasing their trust in you.

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