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3 Tips For Marketing Your Immigration Law Services

Jake Fisher Sep 21, 2018 2:41:29 PM

Many immigration lawyers find it hard to market themselves these days. While there may be a lot of work out there available, you also have a lot of competitors out there vying for the same clients. You need to find a way to not only reach more people, but to differentiate yourself from the other immigration law services out there. If you’ve found that you’re struggling to do this, here are a few tips that will hopefully help you out. 

1) Don’t Limit Yourself By Geography

Many immigration lawyers focus solely on the area around them. They market themselves to people in their city or state, limiting the number of potential clients. However, thanks to the Internet, you can now easily market your services to people from all over. It’s easier than ever to spread your message, and to reach people from further away.

2) Don’t Limit Yourself by Language

Another limitation that many immigration lawyers put on themselves is language. When marketing their services, most immigration lawyers stick to marketing in English. This is particularly true when it comes to their websites, as many do not take the time to offer their site in other languages. But by creating multi-lingual copies of your website, you make it so entire groups of people are now able to learn about your services and contact you.

Making a multi-lingual website isn’t difficult, and likely won’t cost you too much money. You just need to hire someone who speaks the languages you want to market in, and maybe create a few new pages on your site. If you’re unsure of what languages to go with, think about the areas you’re marketing in, and what the population of that area is like. 

Billboards might reach people within your town, but a solid website and a social media marketing campaign could reach ten times as many people from all of the neighboring towns. 

3) Differentiate Yourself

Finally, you need to find a way to make yourself different from the other immigration lawyers out there. There are a couple of ways that you can do this. The primary thing you need to do though is decide what you want your niche to be. Rather than trying to market to everyone in every location, you should narrow your focus.

Maybe you could offer a specific kind of immigration law services. Another option is to market to a specific area, or based on a passion of yours related to immigration. For example, you could focus solely on family-based immigration, or on business-related immigration from a specific country.

Being a general immigration lawyer makes it hard to stand out from the crowd, so you want something that makes you different. 

Don’t be Afraid to Think Outside the Box

Getting your immigration law services noticed isn’t always going to be easy. As soon as you think of a way to differentiate yourself, you may find that someone else in your area had the same though. The key to any successful marketing strategy – and especially when it comes to immigration lawyers – is to always look for new methods. The marketing method you use today might not work next week, and it’s important to always look for new opportunities. This doesn’t mean you need to change around your business model every time a competitor comes along, but simply that you are always aware of the situation around you, and have ideas ready to keep yourself noticed.

Hopefully the above tips are enough to get you started. If you can find some creative ways to differentiate yourself from the competition, you will hopefully see an increase in clients as a result. If you have any questions, or need some more ideas on how to market your immigration law services, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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